AMC Clinical Exam

For your information, our team is not leading any sessions of AMC Clinical Exam preparation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In AMC Clinical Examination, there are total 16 scenarios. You must pass at least 12 or more stations along with one case from gynaecology and one from paediatrics. Passing one case from Paediatrics and one from Gynaecology is compulsory.

If you pass one gynaecology station and one paediatrics station and in total you passed 10 or 11 stations out of 16, you would be required to re-sit in the exam for re-test.

Failing in all paediatrics or all gynaecology stations is equivalent to failing in the whole exam even if you score well in medicine and surgery.

You are encouraged to check with Australian Medical Council website for the latest information about the examinations.

Our team has developed best cases for AMC clinical examination preparation. We particularly focus on OSCE type questions and provide full-length explanations to the candidate about the cases being tested currently.

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