The Australian Medical Council exam (non-specialist standard pathway) consists of two parts:


 AMC MCQ Exam consists of theory based, multiple-choice questions that reflect the broad clinical presentations across Australia.
The theory part of this is organized in three broad categories:
-General medical knowledge required for safe medical practice in Australia.
- Understanding of mechanisms of disease, establishing the diagnosis and patient management.
- Preventive medicine and health maintenance in Australian community.

Standard Pathway:

If you are an international medical graduate seeking general registration with the Medical Board of Australia, you need to satisfy Australian Medical Council through standard pathway.
It happens in following 3 steps usually:
-    Initial registration and verification of credentials with Australian Medical Council.
-    AMC MCQ Exam.
-    AMC Clinical Exam.

Examination Content:

AMC MCQ Exam includes test items in the following content areas:
o    Internal Medicine
o    Surgery
o    Obstetrics and Gynecology
o    Pediatrics
o    Preventive Medicine and public health
o    Psychiatry

Test length and format:

AMC MCQ Exam has maximum of 150 multiple-choice questions. It is single session exam of a three and half hour in total.
Each question has five options, with the single best answer.

Eligibility to apply for AMC MCQ Exam:

To be eligible for AMC MCQ Exam, you should be an international medical graduate, with an intention to practice medicine in Australia.
The graduate must hold MBBS or equivalent from a medical school outside Australia, verifiable their primary medical qualification through the ECFMG International Credentials Services (EICS).

Recommended books to study for AMC MCQ Exam:

It is recommended to use following books and resources to study and prepare for the AMC MCQ Exam:
- AMC Handbook of MCQs.
- John Murtagh General Practice.
- Harrison's Internal Medicine.
- Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine.
- Anthology of Medical Conditions.
- AMC Past papers/AMC Questions if solved with Australian references.
- Multiple choice exam practice online.
- Trial examination on AMC Official website to familiarize yourself with the actual exam.

Number of MCQs asked from Each Subject:

Following subjects are frequently tested in the MCQ exam with number of questions expected in each examination.

Scored Questions-120

1. Medicine -35
2. Surgery Questions-25
3. Obstetrics and Gynecology Questions-15
4. Pediatrics Questions-15
5. Psychiatry Questions-15
6. General Practice and Public Health Questions-15

 Non-scored Questions: 30
These questions are marked equally for all candidates. These are potentially scored questions for future examinations.
There is no negative marking.

How to apply for the CAT MCQ examination?

Please click on following the link to apply for AMC CAT MCQ exam. It will take you to the official Australian Medical Council site. You can check AMC MCQ Exam dates 2015.Work in Australia as a Doctor or look for a job as overseas trained doctor at Doctor Connect.

1. Create an AMC Account
2. Apply for AMC MCQ Exam now
3. Fee for AMC MCQ Exam
4. AMC MCQ Exam Date

You can find more information about these exams including how to apply, events and dates, venues, fees, amc online bridging courses, amc exam preparation, amc exam results and also an MCQ Trial Examination on the AMC website.

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