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Case Development Area

Case development is the actual process which makes difference in the assessment and practice exams.We use high quality references based in Australia to solve recalls and make new multiple choice questions.


Case Development Area

Case development is the actual process which makes he difference in the assessment and practice of AMC exams. We use high-quality Australian references to solve AMC recalls, past papers and make new MCQs from Australian Medical Books/Journals.

If you have impressive AMC MCQs solving (Recalls) or writing capability, please send us sample MCQs and we would like to hire your services.

Please follow the format while writing to us.

Title of MCQ(subject and topic discussed)

Author's name and email address

Stem of the MCQ (May include Age of the patient, investigations, images, ECG etc)

Five possible answers with one correct answer






Correct answer: 


A comprehensive explanation with only Australian reference (may include Harrison's Internal Medicine or any Australian Journal, book or website). Explanation must not be longer than two paragraphs.

You can be one of the future case writer. Email us now on

Suggestions to develop case ready for AMC QBank:

1-      More than 2 spelling or grammatical mistakes would result in the case not to be approved.

2-      Sentences should be small no longer than 2 lines.

3-      Organization of the thoughts should reflect on the small paragraphs. First write about what patient is suffering from and then additional information.

4-      Use Microsoft office to write and send MCQs instead of email space.

5- Copy and paste should be avoided in all situations. Manual typing of the answer by using the information from the reference would help.