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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AMC QBank?

    AMC QBank is an online bridging course for AMC MCQ exam preparation. You’ll increase your chances of success on the exam by practicing MCQs with us. If you intend to work in Australia and want to pass Standard Pathway of AMC, you’ll find all the help that you need.

    • AMC QBank has a very experienced team ensure that each and every question of the AMC MCQ Exam is up to par. Each case is prepared based on best available Australian Medical Resources, including Australian statistics, medical books, and medical journals.
    • Most of the people who use USMLE, PLAB, or Canadian exam preparation websites perform very poorly on AMC MCQ Exam. The AMC MCQ Exam is unique of its kind and requires totally different way of preparation, which we provide.
  • How many MCQs are available in AMC QBank?

    We are constantly updating AMC QBank MCQs and currently 1555 MCQs are included. More MCQs are added every week.

  • Who writes the explanations for MCQs?
    • AMC QBank is managed by a team of very experienced physicians who have been working in Australia for more than ten years. We use at least two Australian resources to find recall information. The purpose of using recall is to give good insight regarding the explanation to access the exam in the right way.


  • What is the difference between Tutor Mode and Timed Mode?

    In Tutor Mode, you can see the explanation after selecting the answer of the MCQ. In the Test Mode, you cannot see an explanation as it is like a typical test run by AMC on exam day. It is recommended to practice both modes for adequate knowledge and practice before your exam.

  • Can I re-subscribe if my subscription is going to expire?

    Yes! You can re-subscribe at discounted rates.

  • What is the refund policy?

    It is recommended to read all of the information given on the website carefully before buying a subscription. All payments are non-refundable. Payments caused by mistakes are refundable.There is 50 AUD processing fee for all refund requests.

  • Which browser should I use during my subscription period?

    Google Chrome is the best browser for all AMC QBank applications.

  • How can I purchase the subscription?

    Becoming a subscriber is easy, just follow these steps:

              1.   Register at AMC QBank and sign in.

              2.   Click on “Subscribe for New Exam or Pricing”.

              3.   Select the appropriate package and click “Purchase”.

              4.   Buy a subscription by paying with a PayPal account using credit card.

    On successful completion of the payment process, your subscription will be activated immediately.

  • What should I do if my subscription is not activated immediately?

    If your subscription is not activated immediately, do not worry. Just contact us and your subscription will be activated within 24 hours.

  • How can I pay for the subscription?

    You can pay via credit card or PayPal.

  • How can I purchase the subscription without a PayPal account?

    If you do not have a PayPal account, you can use the following options:

    • Sign up at PayPal and use PayPal safely for online shopping.
    • If you do not want to sign up for a PayPal account, you can still purchase a subscription with your credit card.
  • Does AMC QBank keep credit card information after the payment is processed?

    AMC QBank does not store any credit information. All the payments are processed through PayPal. It is extremely safe and secure to use PayPal or your credit card on AMC QBank.

  • How does the site work after my subscription is activated?

    Once your subscription is activated, log in and click on "Take Test". There will be two modes available for you to take a test       

             1.   Tutor Mode. There is no time limit to complete the test.

             2.   Timed Mode. There is a time limit to complete the test.

    • Choose your subject category from Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Ethics and Public Health and Obstetrics & Gynecology.
    • Select Used MCQs, Unused MCQs, Correct and Incorrect MCQs from “Question Reuse Mode”.
    • You can practice all the questions available for practice. There is no limit to the number of times you practice for the exam.
    • You can choose to use new questions, used questions, correct and incorrect questions. It is all simulated. We keep on adding new questions, and they will add automatically to your account as well.
  • How long should I study before appearing for the AMC MCQ Exam?
    • The whole process usually takes 4 to 6 months, if done as a full-time responsibility.
    • Review all subjects, including medicine, surgery, pediatrics, psychiatry, and public health at least three times from books like John Murtagh and Harrison's Internal Medicine.
    • Practice all available recalls and try to find answers from these books. Highlight the topics you see in AMC recalls or past papers. As there is a tendency to change the scenario in the real exam, it is worth knowing everything about the topic used in recalls or past papers.
    • Buy a subscription with AMC QBank and use it daily to practice at least 50 MCQs. You can use questions as many times as you like.
  • Which subjects does AMC QBank cover?

    The categories covered in the AMC QBank are the same that as the Australian Medical Council exams. These include:

            1. General Medicine

            2. Pediatrics

            3. Obstetrics and Gynecology

            4. Surgery

            5. Psychiatry

            6. Public Health and Ethics

  • What are the areas I need to focus during my exam preparation?

    Most common mistakes in the exam are related to questions about critical care, emergency care, and advanced life support. Candidates who do not use Australian resources are more likely to answer statistics questions incorrectly in the exam. Immunization, preventive medicine, and healthy lifestyles are other areas frequently tested in the exam.

  • Which books should I use to prepare for the AMC MCQ Exam?
    • You should use the AMC Handbook of MCQs, John Murtagh’s General Practice, Harrison's Internal Medicine, the Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine, Anthology of Medical Conditions, and past papers. We use all these resources to build MCQs. Every AMC MCQ Exam has a small number of recalls, so it is strongly advised to use other resources as well to build a strong knowledge basis. Practice of MCQs with a study partner or online with explanations enabled are great ways to prepare.
    • for AMC clinical exam material.
    • AMC QBank Forum
    • The following is a list of medical journals that are used by our team to solve complicated, but very important examination scenarios:

                        1. Australian Family Physician

                        2. Australian Prescriber

                        3. Current Therapeutics

                        4. Lancet

                        5. Medical Journal of Australia

  • What are the licensing exams required to practice medicine in Australia?

    You can practice in Australia if you passed the AMC MCQs Exam and seven bands in each component of IELTS. You will work on a limited registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA). You are required to pass the AMC Clinical exam within three years of the first date of limited registration.

  • Why do I need to pass AMC Clinical Exam?

    You are required to pass this exam to get general registration with the Medical Board of Australia. Unconditional general registration is required to apply for permanent residency, basic and advanced training, and locum jobs.

  • Do I need to have Australian Health System Experience for General Registration?

    Yes. You should have the following experience in any hospital in Australia that is accredited for internship.

                 1. 10 weeks of medicine

                 2. 10 weeks of surgery

                 3. 8 weeks of emergency medicine

                 4. Minor rotations, making your total experience equal to 47 weeks or more

  • How can I check the next available date for AMC MCQ Exam?

    Please click on the following link to check the next available AMC MCQ exam dates.

  • What is the address for AMC official website?
  • What is the address for the medical board of Australia?
  • How can I become an AMC QBank case developer?

    There is an excellent opportunity for AMC QBank users to become AMC QBank case developers. This way, you can write a clinical case with five options, including the right answer. You must always include a comprehensive explanation and a reference. We discourage the copying of questions from other medical exams’ practice websites. If you are interested, please send your CV on for an initial assessment. We will help you to prepare cases and will pay you five dollars per case after approval.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?

    You can always contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback through our "Contact Us" page. We will respond as quickly as possible. We appreciate your cooperation and viewpoint to improve our services to the community.

  • What visa do I need to apply for to come to Australia?

    If you require information about arranging a visa, you will have to contact the Australian Embassy, the High Commission, or visit the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website:

    • See more at: